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I have been a client of SharFIT for just over 12 months. Sharleigh has been so supportive of my health and fitness goals. I have successfully lost 15 kgs and am keeping it off with her guidance. Sharleigh keeps me motivated, accountable and tailors workouts to suit my needs. She is always finding new ways to improve her services with tools such as her SharFIT App. Overall I would recommend SharFIT (Sharleigh) to people looking for a long term PT who can help get the results they want!

Caitlan Crome, CLIENT
Jan 2017

Sharleigh is a warm, energetic, fun and encouraging trainer. She has helped me gain strength both mentally and physically over the past year of training with her. She has motivated me to achieve my personal fitness goals through her words of encouragement and her customised training plans. Her plans are detailed and easy to follow which are designed to support me and ensure that I gain the best possible results. Sharleigh is a fantastic personal trainer who I would highly recommend.

Jan 2017

Sharleigh is great at creating a fun and relaxed environment throughout our sessions. She has been very accommodating to my medical condition and is able to suggest alternative exercises for me to do if any issue does arise. She puts endless hours into creating programs on her app, ensuring I understand all the exercises, and all at an extremely affordable price! If you're looking for a new PT or the motivation to get started at a gym then Sharleigh is the trainer to go to!

Stephen Bates, CLIENT
Jan 2017

Sharleigh worked for me as a Club Manager. She was friendly, diligent and outgoing. She was very articulate when it came to her paperwork and had no problems interacting with customers.

Sharn Day, Club Owner, Jetts Bracken Ridge
Sep 2015

I have found Sharleigh to be a great PT , pushing me through my boundaries. She understands peoples limitations and designs the best workouts for and injuries. Sharleighs meal advice has worked really well for me and with her guidance i have reduced 14 kg over 7 weeks. Sharleigh has such an infectious personality as well and brightens even the hardest days

Peter Martin, CLIENT
Sep 2015