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Stuart has made a significant impact on my life by providing me with honest and critical feedback on my journey through cert 3 & 4 in fitness. His expertise is certainly evident and this is well expected from the amount of years he’s dedicated to the fitness industry both as a PT and manager. He is fair and diplomatic as well as understanding. Thanks for teaching me important principles and lessons I can take into the rest of my life.

Jakeb Byfield, CLIENT
Sep 2021

I have known Stuart Greaves for around 8 years, we first met when I studied the Certificate IV in Fitness at TAFE and he was one of my lecturers. Stuart was an amazing lecturer, his knowledge of the course and fitness industry helped me to land my first job, and gave me the confidence to open my own business, which I own and operate today as a small boutique PT studio in the northern suburbs of Perth. I still keep in contact with Stuart and he acts as a mentor when I have tough decisions to make, he always gives a a valuable perspective on things and helps me to make good business decisions.

Tyson Green, CLIENT
Aug 2021

Since becoming a client of Stuart's over 10 years ago, he has helped me to improve my health and fitness to levels I never thought possible. From someone who struggled to get up a decent set of stairs to completing a marathon with him in little over 18 months, it has felt like there were no limits to what I could achieve. I have now also taken up participating in masters competitions for a variety of sport, and am the strongest, fittest and lightest I have been, probably since my early 20s. I can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you Stuart for truly changing my life.

John Wentworth, CLIENT
Feb 2022

As my direct line manager, it was Stuart’s job to be my business and practical skills mentor, as I started running my own business for the first time in a new industry. Stuart went well beyond those duties helping with advice, and support for me to eventually open a retail and supplement store within the club, as well as running a PT business. He was also an invaluable mentor to me as I took on six apprentice Personal Trainers over a period of time, becoming a successful mentor myself. There have also been many others who have worked closely with Stuart who have gone on to become successful mentors, managers and fitness center owners

Jules Shaw, CLIENT
Feb 2022