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I met with this amazing lady and she helped me with some mobility work for my back. I do these simple things she taught me daily and it really helps ease the stiffness. I have bulging discs and a fusion on the L5 and S1 and thought nothing could help, but Tammy did. Highly recommended. Thanks so much Tammy!

Kristie Allen, CLIENT
Sep 2017

Keeps me limber! I do my exercises every single morning! Thanks, Tammy!

Susan Brown, CLIENT
Sep 2017

Tammy is a kind and knowledgeable lady who designs fun and unique sessions based on how I'm feeling on any given day. This is a different approach to fitness- taking into account injuries and trouble zones and helping correct imbalance in the body. After our session I feel energised and refreshed. Love my sessions with Tammy

Lauren Raffaele, CLIENT
Sep 2017