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“After doing Level 1 and 2 kettlebells with Roger, my technique in all movements, not just kettlebells improved significantly. PT clients increased dramatically and I gained more beneficial movement patterns from these courses than the PT courses themselves. This just makes more sense.”

Michael Mischefski, CLIENT
Apr 2018

“I completed my Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell courses with Roger in 2014. I absolutely loved how much knowledge and skill Roger has with kettlebells and he genuinely enjoys sharing this with others. These days I am still using kettlebells not only with my clients, but with my own training also. They are a fantastic tool for a whole body workout that you can’t get from any other type of training. I am so thankful I picked Tough Love Kettlebells to learn from as they taught me skills that I will keep forever. Thank you Roger!”

Danielle Antonellos, CLIENT
Apr 2018

“What a great experience! Roger Saheli is exceptional at not only the art of Kettlebells but the art of teaching. I completed Level 1 and Level 2 and feel confident in teaching these techniques to my clients. Personally, I have noticed a significant change in my own mobility and stability throughout my whole body, simply due to fundamental movement patterns taught within the course.”

Scott Spragge, CLIENT
Apr 2018

I completed the L2 Kettlebell course. I found it to be a great day of instruction. I am sure that I have taken away some valuable information. Practicing these movements with correct supervision & instruction is vital and that was definitely the case yesterday. Great to have a Kettlebell Sports competitor to demonstrate the movements and to learn from. Thanks again.

Caleb Rock, CLIENT
Apr 2018