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Victoria has a wealth of knowledge in the Fitness Industry. Having worked closely with her both as a Coordinator and a Staff Member, her professionalism is second to none. It is evident from her management style that she has a strong education background, always looking to understand concerns from members, staff and coworkers and analysing feedback to ensure that people feel heard and valued. Her work ethic is evident simply by looking at her team, a group of high performing instructors all working towards a common goal. Victoria is a true asset to any organisation she works for and with, and I’m so thrilled that I get to work with her daily!

Milan, Group Fitness Coordinator, Crunch Fitness
Nov 2021

Victoria is an extremely knowledgeable fitness professional and an asset to the VFA learning teaching department. She is always well prepared for classes and actively participates in all professional development and department activities. Both students and other staff members consistently give positive feedback back about her both personally and professionally. As a teacher, her classes are energetic and engaging. She draws upon her personal experiences and current research to assist students in learning the theory components and is then able to practically apply it to a variety of situations both in and out of the classroom environment.

Emily Sicura, Head of Learning and Student Engagement, VFA Learning
Jun 2019

Victoria is by far one of the most dedicated & hard working instructors I've ever come across. She is extremely passionate about every single one of her classes & always gives it her all week in & week out. This truly shines through when I find her practising her class in our GF room when she gets a chance to perfect her disciple. She is a very highly valued member of team & has received a nomination for our staff awards for team player because of all the above.

Mish Clark, Regional Group Fitness Coordinator, YMCA
Jul 2019

Thank you for the opportunity in allowing me to provide a reference for Victoria. Vic, as she is fondly called is a strong woman with an immensely vigorous and determined character. As a gym instructor, she is athletic, passionate and spirited with a warm personality. Her encouragement as a group fitness instructor has seen many like myself come back for years to continue her classes as well as develop a meaningful friendship. Vic is affectionate, delightful, elegant, friendly and a resilient young lady, I highly recommend Vic to any organisation/role she would be an asset with her array of communication & personal skills. Kind Regards Jyoti

Apr 2018

Victoria is an amazing group fitness instructor, I always look forward attending her classes. Her passion for health and fitness is contagious, she's the gym teacher that every person should have. She has encouraged and helped me through my fitness journey, I have always admired her positive spirit. Her classes are fun, creative and welcoming. She has terrific energy, great technique and very generous with her knowledge, always willing to answer questions and help students. Definitely a very inspiring and strong woman.

Cheryl , CLIENT
Apr 2018

I am happy to share my progress in this recommendation letter for the best instructor Victoria Konnas, Who has helped & encourage me to work hard and make permanent life changes for better health. Kind Regards, Kathy Moshi

Kathy Mosi, CLIENT
May 2018

Awesome classes and great teacher!! Always a pleasure to be engaged in one of Victoria's many amazing sessions :)

Cihan , CLIENT
Apr 2018

Victoria was my fitness coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness back in 2011, cannot speak highly of her as she is very professional, knowledgeable and very supportive especially to me. Victoria has encouraged me to strive for greater things and opportunities throughout the fitness industry, and in doing so I have been blessed to have worked in over 12 gyms and trained over hundreds of clients either one on one or in group fitness. Victoria has also been a participant in my classes, and has giving me nothing but praise and compliments and is also pushing me to become a fitness assessor which will enhance my fitness career even more. Couldn’t have asked for a better industry peer.

John. C, Fitness Trainer , Millpark YMCA
May 2018

Victoria was employed at Ilim College for four years. She held the position of PE domain head. Victoria had a strong rapport with the students and established many new programs for PE, including the swimming program, Athletics Day, CPR training, city school and various extra curricular activities. Victoria is able to differentiate and cater to students of different abilities and cultural backgrounds. Her curriculum planners were detailed and scaffolded to include activities for high achieving students and low achieving students. Victoria’s strengths are her verbal communication and interpersonal skills. She can collaborate effectively with her colleagues to achieve aims.

Mimi. T, Secondary PE Coordinator , Ilim College
May 2018

Vic is an individual dedicated to fitness and her passion for keeping others informed about fitness shine through in everything she does. Highly passionate and driven, she is a great role model for people wanting to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing.

Gulcan , Teacher, Ilim College
May 2018

Victoria is a calm and committed worker who would make a fantastic addition to any team. Victoria is a hard and resilient worker whose steadfastness in her work has made her successful in all her professional endeavors. Victoria has developed Health and PE curriculum for our school while incorporating her skills gained as a fitness instructor. Victoria’s knowledge of fitness and health has encouraged many students from low socio-economic backgrounds to take part in First Aid workshops and City School experiences. Due to Victoria's passion students have always enjoyed her classes and have been actively engaged. She is a wonderful educator.

Esaba , CLIENT
May 2018