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I met Penny when I was trying to get fit for my wedding 5 years ago. She taught me strength and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I learned healthy habits and awareness knowing the different areas of my body I want stronger. Now 5 years on I have a two year old and still catch up with Penny. She is my friend and number one support when I need guidance in understanding my body through this next step after motherhood. She is easy to talk to and cares about how you feel inside and out.

Francine, CLIENT
Dec 2019

Training with Penny has absolutely changed my life. I have changed from being thinking ‘no way can I do that’ or ‘I wish I could try that’ to not only being able to say ‘ok, lets give it a go’ to ‘look at what I did!’. Before I met Penny I was almost 100kg, had never set foot in a gym, had ridiculously bad eating habits and couldn’t even do a squat (I’m not exaggerating). With Penny’s unwavering encouragement, guidance and never-ending support I am now 25kg lighter, have a well-balanced diet and have an active lifestyle. My confidence, self-esteem, and emotional wellbeing have improved dramatically.

Tracey, CLIENT
Dec 2019