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Dennis brings to the registration industry accountability, transparency and fairness. He is genuine in his approach to help others achieve, shows energy and great encouragement towards all fitness professionals. The fitness industry is growing at a rapid rate with change occurring hourly and the needs of professionals changing daily. Dennis and his team stand still at the forefront of the industry.

Mel Tempest, Fitness Business Influencer , Mel Tempest . Net
Mar 2019

I have known and worked with Dennis for over 10 years. He is certainly a good guy to know in the Fitness industry.

Ryan Koski, Academy Manager/ Owner, VFA Learning
May 2015

Meeting industry needs in ways other people haven't thought of and finding creative ways to provide creative solutions is what I think of when I think of Dennis Hoskings. Dennis has the insight to see industry trends before they happen.

Marietta Mehanni, Fitness Trainer and Master Trainer, Marietta Mehanni
May 2015

I have known Dennis for over 15 years and in that time he has grown the Healthy People business to be the go to place for employers and potential employees. Not one to stay still, he is expanding again to provide a platform for professional recruitment and insurance currency. Awesome work Dennis!!

Helen Alfa, Club General Manager, Goodlife Health Clubs - Armadale
May 2015

Dennis is one of the good guys of our industry. He is passionate about supporting employers and employees to find the right people to work with. He's an innovator and lateral thinker.

Anthony Spark, CEO, WYN Training, PD4PTs
May 2015

Good operator. Good baws.

Becky McCullock, Admin & Client Services, HealthyPeople
May 2015