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Outstanding master of his craft.Incredibly knowledgeable within the health and fitness industry, an expert in Muay thai Boxing and Strength conditioning. Jojo persistence kept me focused and committed to my goals.Thank you Jojo for all you have done for me and my Whanau bro.

Aj Pomare, CLIENT
Jul 2018

Jojo is an enthusiastic and motivating trainer who brings out the best in all his clients. He is a pleasure to be around as he consistently displays a friendly and cheerful demeanour and makes all activities fun and engaging. He provides a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere to the gym, whilst encouraging his clients to work to their full potential. Jojo is a knowledgeable professional and a credit to the fitness industry.

Kristy Rawson, CLIENT
Jun 2018

While i was still training in New Zealand for Competition in Muay Thai I trained under Jojo 'Tiger' Ancajas. Jojo is a highly skilled and accomplished Fighter and apart from being honoured to be his student I was also extremely grateful for the professionalism and attention to detail in his training approach. I have trained in gyms all over the world including Thailand and Jojo is still one of the best Coaches there is.

Sandy Remiens, CLIENT
Apr 2017

I met Jojo 5 years ago when I was at my unhealthiest and unhappiest. Weighing in at 89kgs and size 18, I never exercised or watched what I put in my mouth. Through Jojo's training regime, over 2 years I managed to shrink down to a size 10 and weighed in at 62kgs. Jojo pushed me to limits I didn't think I was capable of. He cared about me and my results and wasn't just there for the money, this is what makes him such a great trainer.

Teanba Frieberg, CLIENT
Apr 2017

While making sure the technique executed is on point, Jojo incorporates his passion for health and fitness by simply wearing his heart on his sleeve. Having reached elite level in Muay Thai and being a World Champion gives you confidence in Jojo. There are a lot of so called "trainers" out there that simply talk the talk but have never done the walk. Training with Jojo gives you a genuine feel of confidence that he will be able to show you the road to take to achieve your goals.

Darwin Maco, CLIENT
Apr 2017

I met Jojo Ancajas at a gym i use to do personal training at and through our love for health and fitness/martial arts we now train together. It's an absolute honor training with him and his knowledge of coaching is the reason why I chose to work with him and excel as a martial artist.

Lamin Marah, CLIENT
Apr 2017

Jojo has trained and cornered me in multiple fights. Jojo's warm, friendly personality and Extensive knowledge on various forms of striking in Boxing and MuayThai backed by decades of experience on a world class level definitely puts him to the highest standard you could want as a teacher or a coach.

Clawrence Ludvigson, CLIENT
Apr 2017

I first met JoJo many years ago now when I joined the Boxing Club at which he was one of the trainers. Being a trainer myself, I am very particular about who I choose to coach me . JoJo has many years experience as an Elite Athlete, his skills, knowledge and passion for health and fitness not to mention his genuine care in wanting to help others achieve their goals makes him a first rate trainer and one I would highly recommend.

Apr 2017

Hi, I use to inspire to fight like he did as I become a amateur fighter. Years later we reunited as trainers on the Gold Coast trainer out of my fitness centre Ringfit ... Jojo has matured into great, caring trainer who is brilliant at what he does.... It was an honour to have Jojo train next to me and out of my Gym ... Happy too recommend Jojo into any position and any fitness centre, he will be an asset to any business !! Stephen dale 0419538988

Stephen Dale, Director, Mecca property styling
Apr 2017