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Marcus has kept me inspired and motivated. I first come across Marcus when I signed up for a boot camp with Fenix Fitness Geelong a few years ago. Getting to know him through a mutual friend, I started personal training sessions and have been seeing him weekly ever since. Marcus’ energy and enthusiasm to be fit and healthy has kept me inspired and motivated to get up for our regular 5.30am sessions even through the cold winter months. I often use his programs for my solo journeys to the gym and am seeing great results in the way of weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, muscle gain and mental strength. Marcus has an infectious personality that just inspires you to be a healthier you.”

Jenny Martin, CLIENT
Jul 2017

I’m back playing again and I’m at my fittest. Health and Lifestyle PT kicked into gear with plenty of cardio and weights sessions, solid boxing workouts and nutritional advice. Marcus was able to put my on the right track and modified my training to get the results I wanted, not just the weight loss but allow my fitness level to adapt to football again. I’m back playing again, I’m at my fittest and I’m still training with Health and Lifestyle PT. Marcus has become a great mate and mentor to me, not only in fitness & nutrition but football and life!

Chris Wiedmann, CLIENT
Jul 2017

I had an absolute ball in Thailand it was the most amazing trip, I would recommend this trip to anyone I know and I do. Hands down the best people, great accommodation, fantastic itinerary, awesome fun and your doing it all whilst being fit and healthy! Ive never laughed so much in my life. Very well run and it was still a holiday where you could relax and unwind. From Maui Thai training by professional thai trainers to sunset dinners, Ice baths, gym work out, massages, markets and healthy breakfasts I couldn’t have asked for a better time. For someone who has travelled a lot I was very impressed! Ive come home smaller but I’ve left some big memories in Thailand and will return for sure!

Elly McInernay, CLIENT
Jul 2017

I had an awesome trip in 2012 to Thailand. Was great to be on holiday while still looking after my health and fitness. Meet some awesome people and got to experience Thailand at its best. Accommodation and transport was all taken care of so I could enjoy the whole experience. Would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to mix fitness and travel.

Ben Webster, CLIENT
Jul 2017