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Marietta is an extremely diligent, talented, valued and vibrant fitness professional. I've known her for over 20 years, having worked together on a variety of projects. She's an exceptional instructor who attempts new challenges and ventures with enthusiasm & vision. She strategically absorbs the latest trends and new skills. Her work ethic and productivity has ensured a solid foundation for her to continue developing user-friendly programs & products. - Marietta is a true professional.

Jennifer Schembri-Portelli, Founder of WETS, Water Exercise Training Service
Sep 2015

Marietta Mehanni is a highly sought after instructor and presenter. She is very passionate about her classes and delivers high quality, well thought out lessons every time. Her huge class numbers are a reflection of her high standard. Having worked with Marietta for close to 29 years, I can say that she is always looking forward, always learning and taking on new challenges. She is on top of current trends and latest advances in our industry. I would highly recommend Marietta.

Carol Syer, Dry Program Coordinator, Active Monash
Sep 2015

In short, Marietta is an inspiration. Not only is she one of Australia's greatest (and most prolific) educators in Group Exercise, she maintains a weekly fitness class load to rival the most hardened fitness professional. Over the years I have come to marvel at her level of commitment and contribution to the Group Exercise community. She is my first port of call when I require any insight into this important part of the fitness industry. Her intuition and advice have always been invaluable.

Dennis Hosking, Managing Director,
Aug 2015

Marietta conducts herself very professionally, which is why we have appointed her as the leader for the Group Exercise Department. Marietta has an eye for detail and takes initiative to identify problems and devise solutions. She has strong communication skills and the ability to inspire respect and cooperation in team mates. Marietta is well-suited to leading the Fitness Industry to greater levels.

Louisa Felsbourg, Club Co/Owner, Re-Creation Health Club Burwood East
Sep 2015

I have known Marietta for over eighteen years. As a Centre Manager I have always found her to be professional. Her industry knowledge is vast and she is always willing to share and collaborate ideas. She is a highly motivated and influential person who has a passion for her participants. She interacts very well with her peers and is always available to offer assistance in training or mentoring.

Ella Liberto, Manager, Northcote Aquatic & Recreation Centre (YMCA)
Sep 2015

I had just completed my group exercise instructor training when Marietta became my mentor (I had been one of her many fans when I finally took the leap and did my training). At the time I could teach only a few very basic steps, and did not feel ready yet to take on a whole class of my own. Not to mention managing the microphone! Thanks to Marietta’s expertise, patience, support, approachability and honesty, and the hours she has invested in me, I have learnt so much since then. Marietta has an amazing talent for being creative and meticulously methodical and she has shared with me techniques that have helped me to feel more confident in creating and breaking down, my own routines.

Bronwyn Meyrick, CLIENT
May 2018

Marietta has the rare and precious gift of being truly natural and intuitive educator. Her clarity and sound methods mean what she teaches stays with you always and no matter how far you climb, each step on the way is accessible and easy to achieve. Andrew Brenton

Marietta Mehanni, Group Exercise Instructor and Master Trainer, Marietta Mehanni
May 2015