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Sean Sean Sim
Dundas, NSW
ibelieve fitness
170 0-120 is a NEW PROFESSIONAL
- Limited experience
- Initial education

- Some industry experience
- Developing networks
- Further education

- Commitment to learning
- Extensive experience
- Multiple references

290-300 is an INDUSTRY LEADER
- 12+ years industry experience for 300 rating


Personal & Group Training

Industry Experience

6 years

FITREC Certificate


A Bit About Me

Sean became drawn to the field of women's fitness following his wife’s pregnancy and birth of his little boy. Both pre and post natal qualified, he is passionate about helping women return to fitness following children and achieving and maintaining results-driven goals. He is also equally driven about helping corporate execs reduce stress and increase energy through fitness for a healthy work-life balance. “I love motivating clients to achieve their goals, inspiring them to do things they never thought possible and achieve and maintain overall health and well being”. Additionally, Sean is a results-driven trainer with an empathetic style

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I have been training with Sean Sim for about 5 years after my daughter recommended him and I have had the best experience. I instantly feel so comfortable around him and he really pushes you to your limit and then some more. I train with Sean twice a week and every workout is different which is great because you challenge your body in different ways every session. Sean’s workout plan is customised to what you are trying to achieve and helps add routine in your everyday training. Since I started working with Sean my overall physical wellbeing improved significantly. He is very flexible and polite but firm and demands total devotion to his sessions. He gets the results by tailoring his plan.

Margaret Mozian, CLIENT
Jun 2019

I've been a regular at Sean's bootcamp in Macquarie Park for the last 2 years. Sean's sessions are fun and creative - no two sessions are ever the same! Sean designs his sessions so that they can be challenging for all fitness levels, which has been extremely important to me in helping me to achieve my fitness goals. Sean is always professional, punctual, well prepared, enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things fitness. Working out with Sean has truly become the highlight of my workday.

Kelly Freeman, CLIENT
Jun 2019

In his role as a fitness trainer he was involved in fitness assessments with members, he instructed a variety of group fitness classes, he trained many clients as a personal trainer and played his part in the day to day running of the corporate gym facility. Sean has a very strong work ethic and performed all his duties with a smile on his face and with abundant enthusiasm. He was always punctual and more than willing to help out with extra shifts as needed and his efforts to make the member experience of our gym a positive one did not go unnoticed. Sean was always willing to learn and listened with intent to all aspects of the fitness industry discussed by his workmates.

David Payne, Manager, The Gym
Jul 2019

Work History  (65/100)

Outdoor Bootcamp Trainer Jun 2016 - Current
Master Trainer May 2016 - Current
Live Life Get Active
PT and Group Fitness Instructor Jul 2013 - Current
Self Employed Personal Trainer Jul 2013 - Current
Sean Sim Personal Training

Education  (55/100)

CPR Expires Feb 2021
4 Steps to a Successful Bootcamp (LVL 2) Apr 2017
Fitness Education Online
4 Steps to a Successful Bootcamp (LVL 1) Mar 2017
Fitness Education Online
Dealing with Back Pain Sep 2015
FIA Fitnation - RTO 20761
Punchfit Trainer Course Level 1 Mar 2015
Pre & Post Natal Excercise Nov 2013
FIA Fitnation - RTO 20761
Certificate IV in Fitness Jul 2013
FIA Fitnation - RTO 20761
FR A60
Certificate III in Fitness Jan 2013
FIA Fitnation - RTO 20761
FR A60
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Won the over 45 Grand Final Sep 2019
West Ryde Eagles Football Club  
Trained to be the runners up Sep 2019
Under 11 Dundas Shamrocks, rugby league team  

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