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Michael demonstrated an extensive skill set during his time at Back to Basics Health & Exercise. His ability as a trainer/coach exceeded my expectation and was well beyond a new graduate. I applaud his dedication, passion and drive he has towards the fitness industry. He displays many qualities that I would be looking for when hiring trainers and is extremely personable and approachable. I would highly recommend Michael as a coach for anyone looking to take there training to the next level.

Kyle Petry, Exercise Physiologist, Back to Basics Health & Exercise
Jan 2017

I've been training with Mike for the last 6 months, it was the best decision I've made. He helped me get my eating habits right and made me stronger! cannot recommend him enough! not only does he explain every workout and areas it'll target he makes it fun. I now actually want and enjoy going to the gym! thank you Mike!

Rachel Lawendy, CLIENT
May 2019

Hands down the best PT and I have had many. Highly recommended no matter where you are at with your training

Jeremy Fernando, CLIENT
May 2019

Myk you are an amazing personal trainer. He always makes sure to explain everything to me even down to the finer details, which I know most people hate doing. Myk is 100% committed to help you better yourself and your own self worth to be more confident to walk in and get the workouts done. I am more confident now than I was in the beginning and now pushing myself more to reach that next goal.

Nicole Myers, CLIENT
May 2019

I went to Myk when I had just under a month to get “Fire Fit”. I wasn’t sure I would get there if my body could do it. Myk listened to what I had to achieve - took the challenge and we never looked back. We set a plan - and went for it. He not only physically trained me, (my body) to be where it needed to be fit wise - he mentally trained my mind to undergo the endurance and strength needed. With only a small percent of women passing this exam in the past - he knew what I needed to dig deep and keep going. Through education, knowledge, coaching, guidance, support and motivation Myk got me through. It was a 30-minute physical aptitude test - and I passed with time to spare!!

Erin Martin, CLIENT
May 2019

“First PT session and it was great!!! Even though I felt like spewing my guts out I feel better!!! Mike is awesome and so easy to talk too and train with!!! You have put my faith back into not just getting fit and healthy for myself but for my kids!! Thank you” I would recommend Mike to all my friends and family!!! Can't wait for the next session!!!

Leiko Filitonga, CLIENT
May 2019

Just started working with mike after being out of the gym for over six months, loving it, great personalisation to what your needs and interests are and there is no bullshit either or pressure. Special mention from me considering I’m blind and Mike has been more than useful in making sure I’m getting everything out of hour sessions

Conor Smith, CLIENT
May 2019

After having 2 kids in 3 years I had completely lost touch with the person I was both physically and mentally. That is until I joined Myk. He helped me have a new outlook on exercise and now I can't wait for training. He has helped many milestones including fitting back into a size 10! Would highly recommend Myk and viper fitness!

Tamar Ansourian, CLIENT
May 2019

Working towards knowing the best and most effective ways to improve clients training regimes and lives

Chip Webster, CLIENT
May 2019