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I weighed 132.5kg and had a body fat percentage of 32.9% Terry developed a plan which he monitored and reviewed to ensure ongoing improvement in my health and fitness. At the same time Terry provided nutritional coaching which was instrumental, as part of his overall package, in ensuring my targeted goals were achieved. Thanks to Terry’s support and guidance: I have lost 50 kilograms. My body fat has dropped from 32.9% to 11.9% My blood pressure is now unmedicated and entirely normal. My cholesterol is normal. I don’t snore. His words/motivation combined with the exciting journey I’ve been on and the improvements I’ve made with his help, have cemented in a new regime and zest for life.

Nov 2018

I would highly recommend Terry for anyone who is looking for a great coach. I have just finished a 12 week challenge with Terry and am very happy with the results and plan on continuing with Terry to maintain and continue to push myself. One issue I always found when looking for a coach was they didn't practice what they preached. Some were overweight or inactive themselves, others tried to sell cookie cutter programs and supplements that didn't work. Terry is very knowledgeable, honest and gets results.  He provided great coaching support and held me accountable.  I would strongly recommend Terry to help you get you there.

Jonathan Blake, CLIENT
Nov 2018