Managing Professional Development with FITREC

FITREC’s decision to move away from CEC accumulation (for good reason) has been very well received by health and fitness professionals. Unfortunately, some employers have assumed that without CECs, FITREC is unable to satisfy their need to ensure professional development of staff is taking place.

This is incorrect. In fact, not only does FITREC provide a means to ensure professional development is taking place, FITREC was actually built to address a number of challenges faced by fitness employers.

FITREC grew out of HealthyPeople, Australia’s largest and most successful fitness industry recruiting service. Recognising the challenges faced by employers, it’s been our intention to ensure that FITREC bridges the gap between registration and recruitment.

Ensure your registered professionals maintain 100/100 for Education.

FITREC has introduced an overall rating for all registered professionals that takes into account three key areas; Education, Experience and References. Each of these elements are rated out of 100 and is visible on every registered professional’s profile.

Education ratings depreciate over time, so a score of 100 does not stay at 100 without adding further learning.

When managing and encouraging the development of staff, there are additional benefits that are unique to FITREC;

  • Certificates for courses are included on profiles for convenience.
  • Employers can be notified of depreciating scores by subscribing to the profiles of FITREC registered professionals.
  • FITREC recognises a wider variety of courses, making it easier for professionals to pursue their focus, rather than points.
  • It is less costly for staff to maintain a 100/100 rating than it is to maintain the traditional CEC/PDP accumulation.
  • But what about the assessment of courses?

While FITREC does not assess the content of every course that it recognises, we do seek confirmation that the course is professionally run and provides a meaningful contribution to a professional’s development.

FITREC looks at education in terms of value to the employer.

Put simply; ‘Is this learning event a required qualification?’ (LEVEL A) or ‘is it an addition to / consolidation of existing learning?’ (LEVEL B). Or maybe its contribution is positive, but limited (LEVEL C). Each of these levels contributes a different amount to a professional’s Education score.

Ultimately, in this hyper-connected and information-rich world, the issue is less ‘what is being learned’ and more ‘is any structured learning taking place at all?’

FITREC also provides peer reviews for courses.

As a professional adds a course to their FITREC profile, we ask that they provide a rating and review for the benefit of their peers. These ratings and reviews are connected to courses included on the LEARNING section of the FITREC website.

The ability to confirm learning is just ONE reason to choose FITREC as a preferred registration service.

Following are some of the additional benefits for employers…

FITREC profiles provide more industry relevant information. Employers can more easily identify and compare leading talent and make more informed decisions about job applicants.

FITREC helps businesses recognise and support staff. FITREC business registration includes two professional registrations that we suggest are gifted to staff, demonstrating your recognition and appreciation. This encourages loyalty, helps with retention and shows a commitment to professionalism.

FITREC provides recruiting credit on HealthyPeople. Your investment in business registration provides a credit of equal value to use for job advertising and/or direct access to local candidates.

FITREC helps create a team atmosphere and attract new recruits. A feature of FITREC business registration are business profiles that showcase your team. This is a great way to encourage loyalty, a sense of tribe and is an effective tool to attract like-minded professionals.

FITREC has provided the fitness industry with an entirely new and considered approach to registration. 

We understand the voluntary nature of registration in our self-regulated industry and have focused on the delivery of a service with genuine utility for all.