Registration Options


       FITREC PRO ($120)

The highest level of service, providing full transparency and accountability

Registration is a choice, so we've created a service that works as hard as you do.

FITREC PRO ensures your professional background is best represented. We've also added free services, like unlimited promotion to employers (if you're looking for work), free software (Traky), monthly payment options and our FITREC rating.

FITREC PRO is the choice for any professional that wants to influence industry standards.

       FITREC ONE ($75)

Recognition of primary qualification and current role only

FITREC ONE is a way to acknowledge the benefit of industry accountability without paying for services you do not wish to use.

With FITREC ONE, our aim is to encourage professionals that have avoided registration due to cost or convenience to reconsider being a part of the wider fitness industry.

A full list of inclusions for FITREC ONE can be found on the purchase page.

       PROUDLY FITREC ($380)

Registration designed to help grow businesses

Staffing is the greatest challenge for any fitness business, so every element of FITREC's design is to make life easier for employers in three ways...

IDENTIFY leading talent - The FITREC rating provides instant insight into professionals plus every FITREC profile is the perfect industry-specific CV, that provides access to all relevant certificates.

ATTRACT the right people - Your PROUDLY FITREC profile is the place to sell a role on your team. Showcase facilities, learning, culture and, of course, the registered members of your team. Don't just say who you are as a business, now you can show it!

SUPPORT, manage and retain staff - PROUDLY FITREC includes 2 x FITREC PRO registrations to gift to staff. We also make it easy to track learning with our FITREC Rating and you can subscribe to updates to stay on top of First Aid/CPR, education and registration. Not to mention, your involvement in their registration shows a level of professionalism and support.

And we haven't stopped there, registered employers also get a credit ($380) to use on HealthyPeople for job advertising and/or access to local candidates. BOOM! 

As we are so fond of telling clients, 'if you keep doing what you've done, you'll keep getting what you've got.' Switch to PROUDLY FITREC.