Registration that reflects you

Fitness professionals differ in skills, experience, interests and career direction. 

Your fitness registration should reflect this.

Building a new registration service from scratch has given us the opportunity to question existing ideas and improve service delivery. As a result, FITREC is a registration service like no other.

We removed CEC/PDP requirements because all learning journeys are different

Fitness professionals should be able to pursue the learning that is most relevant to their career direction.

Further, we understand that throughout your career there are times where your budget, or life, make it hard to do the learning you'd like to. 

To address accountability, rather than points accumulation, we've focused on transparency via FITREC profiles - any learning done, or not done, is obvious to all. We are now a truly self-regulated industry!

There will always be professionals that choose not to pursue further learning. We believe the industry benefits where these professionals remain visible and accountable, rather than becoming unregistered.

A Rating that reflects qualifications and experience, not time registered

The FITREC rating is our industry's first true benchmark for industry professionals. It takes into account your education, experience and references, giving you a unique score out of 100 for each with a total out of 300. 

Your rating reflects your fitness background, not your time registered with FITREC. In the right conditions, you could have a 300/300 rating from day one of registration. 

By contrast, becoming a ‘Level 3’ with Fitness Australia is only available to a degree qualified professional (regardless of experience) after they’ve paid for 6 years of registration fees. It gets worse for Cert IV qualified professionals, they need to pay for 10 years of registration PLUS CEC fees to rate Level 3 [1].

Your references speak volumes about your professional background

In our connected world, we're all influenced by reviews. Similarly, recruiting managers and clients take into account references from credible sources. FITREC profiles reflect your individual journey via the ability to include references from industry peers and clients.

Of course, all industry experience should be included

Everyone respects industry experience. Some of the greatest professional development happens in the workplace. FITREC provides the ability to include your entire working history on your profile. Even non-fitness industry roles (but these don't contribute to your FITREC rating).

Display all your learning with certificates

Professionals can include details of any professional development undertaken and attach a certificate. We can review included learning to ensure it adds to your Rating. By contrast, traditional providers only allow you to include learning that they have previously approved. 

With certificates included on your profile, you'll always have a copy on hand when needed. If you work for more than one employer, an update to your FITREC profile with the new documents means they’re immediately available to all.

Your differentiation from other professionals includes achievements outside of work

Do you participate in bodybuilding competitions? Obstacle racing? Have you received an award at work? While none of these is formal ‘Education’ or ‘Experience’ they still contribute to who you are as a professional. For this reason, FITREC profiles allow the inclusion of all achievements with the ability to add certificates or photos.

Celebrate your individuality

FITREC is designed to respect the unique background of every fitness professional. We want to celebrate our industry's leaders, raise confidence among allied health professionals and provide clearer examples of pathways for new professionals.

Become a FITREC registered professional here.

[1] – Worth noting that group exercise instructors that do not require a Cert IV will never be Level 3 without obtaining the Cert IV.