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OXY33 - Scheduliser

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About Us

OXY33 - Scheduliser is a web app tailored for fitness professionals that assists trainers and coaches to manage their clients, organise appointments and training programs efficiently.

OXY33 is founded by Yogi Jayapal - a certified Fitness Trainer and a Remedial Therapist. Upon recognizing the lack of quality and expensive pricing for fitness software products, Yogi set-out to work with designers and developers to bring out his own affordable web app product which can be accessed via mobile internet browsers. As the fitness industry is growing rapidly, I recognised there is a need for a streamlined digital software solution to manage clients and organise appointments for fitness professionals.

Our mission is to build a quality user experience product at an affordable price.

Our core brand values are:

  • Customer Satisfaction - We are all about customers. We extremely value our customers, their feedback and work towards meeting their needs
  • Quality - We work with customers to build a better-quality product which provides ultimate value
  • Affordability - We offer a competitive product which is affordable for all fitness professionals