Hypertrophy Level 1

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Australian Strength Performance

Hypertrophy Level 1



  • Fitness professionals, such as athletes, coaches and trainers
  • Bodybuilders, physique and bikini competitors
  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to learn more and take their fat loss knowledge and training specificity to the next level

This 2-day intensive on the essentials of Hypertrophy combines the latest in scientific research and the effective practical application and covers a range of topics including:

  • The types of hypertrophy and the physiology behind the processes.
  • Hypertrophy versus ‘functional’ training – are they independent of each other?
  • The practical applications of the types of hypertrophy.
  • Mindset and hypertrophy: how visualization and cueing can increase neuromuscular contraction.
  • Training variables to include for designing hypertrophy specific programs.
  • Hypertrophy specific nutrition and nutrient timing.
  • Supplementation and the fallacies that surround it.
  • The immediate application of theories through training practicals.

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