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Technical Lifting with the Science of Strength Training

Australian Combat & Exercise, ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Take your coaching and training to the next level and deliver unrivaled quality and service to your clients. It’s our mission to CHANGE the way lifting and weight training is taught in the industry to prevent unnecessary, avoidable injuries.    Read more

Bodyweight Training

Unconventional Training Academy, ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Bodyweight training is the first step after mobility to begin a client's journey into strength training and corrective exercise. This course details how to use the body for dynamic activation, strength training, and corrective exercise.    Read more

3XB: Resistance Bands, Sandbags & Cyclone Balls

Invictor - Building Athletes, NSW, VIC

The 3XB Conditioning Course (Resistance Bands, Sandbag and Cyclone Ball) brings some of the best aspects of training from each discipline to create high-intensity workouts for both individual and team training.    Read more

Strength Training for Women

Fernwood Learning - RTO 21940, ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

A short course designed to help fitness instructors and personal trainers that have underpinning knowledge of training clients in a gym environment. It provides the student with knowledge of how to structure a program and conduct the training to improve strength and conditioning in women.    Read more


CoreCross, NSW

An addictive circuit style class that gives a total body workout while keeping your core buzzing for a whole hour.    Read more

Ropes Conditioning Course

Invictor - Building Athletes, NSW, VIC

Ropes conditioning is now becoming more prevalent with both outdoor and indoor training as well as pre-season and rehabilitative conditioning for athletes. Learn about the foundations of ropes conditioning, as well as over 60 exercises you can add to your exercise arsenal.    Read more

Physique Transformation Level 1

Australian Strength Performance, VIC

What does it take to transform a physique? From fad diets and pills to magazine training regimes and ab gizmos, I’m sure we’ve all tried something and are now a little wiser to what works and what doesn’t.    Read more

Advanced Hypertrophy

Australian Strength Performance, VIC

This course is a follow-on to the ASP Hypertrophy level 1 course. Once you have mastered the basics of program design and nutritional planning around your hypertrophy goal, you are now ready to get your black belt.    Read more

Hypertrophy Level 1

Australian Strength Performance, VIC

Is it possible to build muscle, gain size whilst getting leaner all at the same time? What’s the best way to train and eat to maximize muscle growth? What if I’m not looking to get bigger, just much stronger? These are all questions that are frequently asked, yet never answered fully or satisfactorily.    Read more


Australian Strength Performance, VIC

The ASP Coach level 3 Coach specializes on athletic programming and periodisation. How to we plan for off-season, pre-season and in-season training? What are the more relevant program considerations we need to account for when periodising? What is the best method for periodisation and for what purpose? How do we taper for optimal performance?    Read more

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16 Courses Match Your Search