Diploma of Strength & Conditioning (Internationally Accredited)

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Onfit Training College - RTO 32107

Diploma of Strength & Conditioning (Internationally Accredited)


The Internationally Accredited Diploma of Strength and Conditioning provides an advanced level of knowledge in strength and conditioning coaching to give you the skills and ability to plan, conduct and design advanced strength and conditioning programs.

From conducting sports-specific analysis to the development of athlete profiles and high-performance training programs, this course goes above and beyond to provide you with an extremely comprehensive understanding of all things strength and conditioning.

This course includes content on the following topics, in relation to Strength and Conditioning:

  • Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics
  • Pre-Screening and Testing
  • Programming & Exercise Instruction
  • Periodization
  • Sports Injuries and Injury Prevention
  • The Benefits of Training in Abnormal Environments for Strength and Conditioning Athletes

Study Mode: Online

Course Timeline: 12 Months

Assessment Requirements: Online theory and practical video assessment

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