Exercise Mechanics

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Exercise Lab

Exercise Mechanics



Exercise Mechanics - Detailed exploration of exercise mechanics (biomechanics) and its real-world application.

Exercise Execution - How to modify Exercise Execution based on individual body structures and injuries.

Improve Output and Strength - Maximise muscle output from exercise.  How to properly warm up and create Post Activation Potentiation.

Equipment Analysis - Learn to analyse and modify equipment/tools to suit your training goals and to create additional challenge.

Optimise programming and execution to ensure appropriate adaptations.

Sports Performance - Learn how to apply exercise mechanics to improve athletic performance.

About the Exercise Lab 

The Exercise Lab seeks to challenge exercise assumptions, question ingrained beliefs and teach people how to train intelligently. We provide injury rehabilitation and tailored exercise coaching to athletes and anyone who wants to maximise their performance and minimise injury. We provide a platform for investigation and experimentation to enable trainers to get results and deliver a truly custom experience for their clients. We promote the study of biomechanics as it applies to humans and exercise.

Our courses teach: 

  • How to individualise exercise to individual body structures and goals. 
  • Increase the effectiveness of every rep and set. 
  • Learn to assess for weakness and build custom exercises and programs to address them

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