The Performance: Cueing Your Next Move

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The Performance: Cueing Your Next Move


This section explores the art of cueing – both verbal and visual, as well as instructor skills such as class planning, mirror imaging, the types of classes on today’s timetables, and music.

In this three-part course you'll:

  •  Learn The 10 Point checklist of effective Group Fitness Instruction.
  • Discover the Types Of Instruction – the ‘What’.
  • Explore the Verbal & Non-Verbal Cueing instruction techniques.
  • Learn The ABCs Of Cueing
  • Identify the Elements of Effective Cueing.
  • Learn the techniques of Mirror Imaging.
  • Learn all about your voice – Voice Projection, and looking after your voice.
  • Discover the Core versus Advanced Cueing Skills in effective group fitness communication.
  • Learn the 10 Point checklist to use before each class, to help set you up for success.
  • Learn how to Create a Great First Impression when meeting someone for the first time.
  • Explore the ways in which you can create Stage Presence in your classes.
  • Reflect on meaningful delivery and expression by being aware of Mental Attitude, Appearance, Facial Expressions & Eye Contact, Body Language, Voice and Communication & Influence.
  • Learn how to deal with participant issues such as conflict, injuries and room Management.
  • Learn how to interpret music, using its moods and emotion to influence class instruction and energy.
  • Learn to take action by Implementing and setting goals to Practice What You Do.
  • Practice What You Say, Practice What You Play.
  • Practice the use of Communication to Connection.
  • Learn how to Evaluate & reflect on your Learning experiences.

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