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Melanie worked with us for 7 years as a Remedial Massage Therapist. Melanie quickly built up a very busy successful Massage Practice with us while still maintaining her work as a Fitness trainer. Melanie was extremely hardworking, reliable and a joy to work with. She always behaved in a professional manner and was an asset to the business. Melanie's colleagues and clients were sad to see her go and we wish her well in her new work.

Kellie Ellington, Clinic Manager, Thirroul Natural Healing Centre.
Sep 2019

Melanie has been fantastic at tailoring workouts for my specific goals and fitness. I first started seeing her when COVID-19 hit and gyms closed, and she was able to show me ways of exercising that kept me fit and built muscle, without the need for complicated gym equipment. Gyms are open now, but I have kept my sessions with Melanie, which are challenging and innovative. I recommend her highly.

Warwick Stewart, CLIENT
Aug 2020

Mel is great! She tailors the program to suit your fitness level, she is professional and committed to her clients to get the results you want. She is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.

Kelly O'Neill, CLIENT
Sep 2020

I first met Mel not long after Covid hit. I am mum of two who wanted to see a personal trainer so that I could begin to get back into shape. Thanks to Mel's specifically tailored sessions catered to my fitness level, I have been able to build up my fitness levels again and tone my body. Mel is very professional and she provides extensive knowledge of the correct foundation of strength training exercises, which has therefore helped me broaden my body awareness for when I do sessions on my own at home. She is also very versatile, creating sessions based on the equipment that I have at home so as to not break my budget. I highly recommend Mel to anyone who really wants to make a change!

Gabriella Cavasinni, CLIENT
Oct 2020

Mel has been an outstanding trainer. I am much stronger since training with her, and she has inspired me to get moving throughout the rest of the week in-between sessions. She is really great at communicating how to engage the right muscles. If I can't feel it in the right place, she's quickly able to explain it another way. Mel spends each session checking my form, and then each week increases the intensity. Sessions are varied, but each is really well structured. She is able to accurately judge how much my body can take and pushes me to a comfortable challenge. Highly recommend!

Rochelle Bolitho, CLIENT
Oct 2020

I work with Mel for a few months in 2020. She listened to me and devised a plan that was tailored for me and my goals. As a result, I’ve improved my health, become fitter and increased my strength. Mel was easy to work with, friendly, professional and she really lsirned to me. She was very concious of COVID and adjusted her approach so that we could train in a safe manner. Highly recommend her.

Zetty Brake, CLIENT
Oct 2020

During the past 8 years I have been a client of Mel's in her capacity both as group fitness trainer and massage therapist. I have appreciated her encouragement of my efforts to balance exercise and nutrition, particularly as I am a type 2 diabetic. Mel's outdoor fitness program, which I attended for a couple of years at Coledale, provided for the specific needs of a wide age range. The class was always focused, with a variety of activities and a good vibe among the group. As a massage therapist Mel provided my wife and I her personal attention to the detail of our therapeutic needs.

David Muscio, CLIENT
Sep 2019

I have always enjoyed keeping fit and have tried many different gyms and forms of exercise. However I have never been as fit and strong as when I was training with Mel. She is incredibly knowledgeable and qualified in regards to diet/health, strength and cardio training. Mel is patient, caring and non judgemental in her approach to training. She magically empowers you to believe in your physical ability and to build strength and fitness you never thought possible. Mel uses tailored techniques that are proven to increase fitness/strength and wellbeing. Mel quite literally changed my life, through showing me that I was much stronger than I ever imagined.

Lisette Tatnell, CLIENT
Sep 2019

I met Melanie through her sports massage practice which was very helpful for some chronic back pain I was experiencing. Melanie helped me get in shape for an overseas surf trip. As an older guy with a lot of injuries I really appreciated Melanie's depth of knowledge in sports physiology and motion. Melanie tailored the fitness program perfectly to fit my surf related goals and kept our training sessions interesting with a lot of variety and just the right amount of motivation to push a little past my limits. Melanie takes a holistic approach to fitness goal achievement. I learned about lifestyle choices, nutrition and body awareness. Most of all, training with Mel was a lot of fun.

Ciaran Finnegan, CLIENT
Sep 2019

To whom it may concern I found Melanie Hawksley to be a great trainer and very professional. She helped me workout my goals then put into place the exercise program for me to get there. Melanie is a great trainer I did one on one sessions . Melanie is very good at getting the most out of you in your training . But also makes it fun were you can have a laugh which I think is a great skill. She also understands the body well with movements etc. And she is great at changing the workout to how you and your body feel on the day a great skill. Well Melanie got me to my goals of being fitter ,healthier ,and stronger for my passion of surfing. Can't thank Mel enough. Cheers Sean

Sean Willsmore, CLIENT
Sep 2019

I really enjoyed my time training with Mel. Mel made exercising worthwhile by making sure all the exercises worked in alliance with your body to avoid injury. Mel also took the time to discuss nutrition and help with developing a good mind set around putting your health as a priority. Mel is friendly, understanding and knows what strategies can work for your body type. I have not found another trainer with the passion Mel shows to get you to the place you need to be in terms of health goals. I wish Mel was going to be working local to me again. I would sign up straight away!

Carmel Donald, CLIENT
Sep 2019

I had the good fortune to attend Mel Hawksley’s group fitness a few years ago. I must admit I have never had a fitness trainer to her calibre since. She was passionate about her students fitness and had great knowledge of physiology. She would check in with each person at the start of any classes & would always adjust accordingly. She never used the ‘one size fits all’ model that many others do. Her classes were tough but fun & she was always creative with our activities, mixing them up with great variety. She consistently tested & tracked our levels to ensure we were improving. Also my husband had rather chronic back issues & is yet to find a masseuse of Me’s capability-we both miss her!

Jill Cavanagh, CLIENT
Sep 2019

I really enjoyed training with Mel. She always put a lot of effort into planning the session to make it interesting, challenging and varied. She has a lot of knowledge about health, fitness and wellbeing and really cares about helping people and their individual needs.

Liz Hardy, CLIENT
Sep 2019

I attended small group training sessions for a few years, run by Melanie in Coledale, NSW. Melanie was always highly professional with an impressive and holistic understanding of the individual needs of her clients. She has excellent interpersonal skills and was reliable and punctual. Melanie was highly motivating, regularly monitored individuals progress and goals, while varying the sessions to maintain interest and work different muscle groups. Her sessions, while challenging, were always fun, even at 6am!. I would highly recommend Melanie as a small group and/or personal trainer. Nicola

Nicola Howard, CLIENT
Sep 2019

Training with Mel was always a pleasure. She was very knowledgable with all aspects of training the specific types of exercises and why, what muscle groups were involved and how to avoid injury. She was particularly passionate about the bigger picture of quality nutrition and holistic health. Mel is a great trainer with a depth of experience an asset to the industry. It's great to hear your returning, all the best.

Tanya Allen, CLIENT
Sep 2019