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Mid 2016 I had a ITB Injury and had spent hundreds of dollars on physiotherapy three times a week and quickly learnt I wasn't recovering and wasn't training pain free. I had heard about a rehab PT at our gym and thought I've got nothing to lose so I made my first appointment with Tim. Not only had Tim healed my injury within a few short weeks he also educated me on how to prevent and train injury and pain free. Within the short time we have trained together Tim has improved my mobility, strength, balance and flexibility. He has taught me how to consistently obsess how my body is moving and positioned throughout my workouts and during daily tasks.

Natasha Spiers, CLIENT
Jul 2018

I've worked with Tim many times before both in a professional setting and personal setting! His attention to detail is great and I love his approach to functional training and fun standout personality! I would highly recommend Tim to everyone that wants to improve their fitness and strength!

Jonathon Alcock, CLIENT
Jul 2018

Tim improved my fitness quickly. We've been working together for a year now and Tim still trains me every week with challenging and dynamic activities. I always enjoy sharing a laugh at training, and leave with a strong sense of achievement, ready for the day ahead.

Chris Parker, CLIENT
Jul 2018