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Rose Dangaard is a highly experienced instructor with an outstanding work ethic and people skill. I was going to her fitness classes for at least 8 years until she left Fernwood Fitness in December 2018. She is engaging and motivating. Her CXWorx, BodyStep and BodyPump classes are of high quality ensuring proper exercise technique. Rose’s Zumba, Sh’bam and BodyJam classes are my favourites. She is highly talented in Latin, hip hop, jazz and contemporary dances. She has great charisma and stage presence with pizzazz. Her dance workouts are fun and addictive.

Mrs Mimi Rohmursanto, CLIENT
Dec 2018

I have not found an instructor like Rose Dangaard. She is a very talented dancer, instructor & motivator! I have been enjoying her classes for 8 years now & she is the only reason I would go to fernwood. She has an amazing amount of energy. Also highly skilled at encouraging & getting the most out of the members. A lady of high integrity, impeccable work ethic, passionate & enteraining! There is no one like Rose. She would be an asset to any business. I am waiting to see where she goes next so I can continue my work outs with her. I love her dance classes but have also really enjoyed her body pump & CX works classes too.

Mrs Lisa Berjak, Centre Manager, Jenny Craig, CLIENT
Dec 2018

I have been attending Rose's classes for over ten years and she is without a doubt the best instructor I have ever had. I've done Zumba, Sh'Bam, Body Jam, Body Vive, Body Pump and CX Worx with her. Rose is truly one of a kind. She has an amazing energy which just seems to permeate the room. Her stage presence is electric. She motivates all participants to do their best, whatever their fitness level, and to really get in touch with their body. Her dance classes in particular are an absolute joy, and she has an army of devoted and loyal fans. A class with Rose is an absolute buzz!

Helen Hazlewood, CLIENT
Jan 2019

I have known Rose for over a decade. As her employer from 2003-2015 I found her to be diligent, professional, extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled. I have no hesitation in recommending Rose as a Group Fitness leader.

Kellie Toohey, Clinical Assistant Professor (Exercise Physiology), University of Canberra
Jan 2019

I have worked with Rose for over 10 years. Rose has always delivered the highest standard of classes. Roses connection and relationship she builds is the true reflection of her commitment. Rose was always professional, very approachable and never let myself or the members down. I highly recommend Rose and feel very fortunate to have worked with her over these years.

Mrs Wendy Brookman,Franchise Owner/Fernwood City, Director, Fernwood womens health club
Jan 2019

I’ve been very lucky to work alongside Rose for over 10 years. Rose was the Group Fitness Manager and I was the PT Manager at Fernwood Fitness Belconnen. Rose is a very passionate, dedicated and experienced Group Fitness Instructor. She always keeps up with the latest LesMills Quarterly Workshops, attends many Fitness Professional workshops/seminars such as FILEX. Over the years, Rose has always gone above and beyond with the members, not only supporting them in class but would make time to follow up their fitness journey. I have never met such a supportive, caring Group Fitness Instructor that gets to know members names and truly cares about each person in her class.

Carina Sciberras-Franchise Qwner/Anytime Fitness , Owner, Anytime Fitness Canberra City
Jan 2019