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I have had the privilege of attending Pilates classes with Greg Jacobs of Stable Base Pilates for nearly 15 years now. His individualised approach and experience in the industry results in an incomparable mature and considered level of care and commitment to his clients. Brilliant communicator, immensely patient and a wickedly dry sense of humour makes every session a pleasure. My body is grateful every week. Ta Ange

Jun 2020

‘Phenominal!’ Greg at Stable Base is able to pinpoint strengths and weakness with utmost precision. After several severe physical traumas, Greg enabled me to focus on a full slow steady recovery to dynamic fitness. I am now back at circus on the trapeze and silks! I am eternally grateful for your incredible physical knowledge, mind-blowing varied techniques and consistent dedication.

Sean Jago, CLIENT
May 2020

I have just come off the back of playing doubles tennis continuously for over 61 hours and passing the previous world record. My ability to do this lies squarely at the feet of Greg Jacobs! Without Greg, I very much doubt I would have been able to do the training to get to the start of the event, let alone finish it. It hurt, but not once did I ever feel I was going to get injured. I have a long history of lower back and lower limb issues which eventuated in two back and one Achilles operation. I am convinced if I had been working with Greg earlier, I wouldn't have had any of these operations.

Glen Pope, CLIENT
Mar 2019

It's been well over a year since I did a 10 session course with you so you might not remember me. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the benefits I have since reaped for my running. I no longer have 'redundant gluts' as you so expertly put it and since correcting my running style I have run most of this year not only injury free, but doing record times. I'm 42 now and I never thought I'd be able to break 40 mins for the 10km but I'm getting within seconds of doing this. The last time I was able to get anywhere near that time was 10 years ago! There is no doubt in my mind that the principles you emphasise have been largely responsible (and maybe the 2XU's!).

Chris Plummer, CLIENT
Jun 2018

"Stable Base individually tailored workouts have completely transformed my body shape, posture and core strength in only a year of once-a-week sessions. I am amazed at how effectively Greg has planned the program details, always taking into account my week’s activities and body condition. Both my husband and I wish I had discovered Stable Base many years ago”.

Sandra, CLIENT
Jun 2018

"Regular Pilates classes have allowed me to improve on my core stability. I now have greater awareness of which muscles should be turned on and when. I have noticed a gradual improvement in my posture when cycling and far greater stability when pushing the pedals hard. This has allowed for greater power output and therefore faster riding!"

Jun 2018

Greg has been a member of the Winning Edge Staff for the last eighteen months in the capacity of casual gymnasium instructor in our Chadstone club. During this time Greg has become a valued member of our team, who has built strong bonds with members and staff alike. He is a reliable, honest and trustworthy employee who always performs his job with the utmost professionalism. Greg's knowledge of fitness and exercise prescription is thorough, and he personally leads by example through his own high standard of achievements in kayaking. I would have no hesitation in recommending Greg for any position, as his professional and caring manner would be an asset to any organization.

Megan Tamblyn, Gymnasium Coordinator, Winning Edge
Jun 2018

"Stable Base and Greg have improved my ability to control my lower back pain. The classes are instructive and enjoyable whilst being specific for individual needs."

Dennis, CLIENT
Jun 2018

"Before commencing Pilates training I was aware of it and its benefits to members of my family. I commenced after a spinal operation which had involved some disability to my left leg. This disability has now been overcome and I attribute this recovery to my post operation Pilates program at Stable Base"

Robert, CLIENT
Jun 2018

"Experience really counts in Pilates and your blend of experience and knowledge gained from this industry and other related industries give you an edge which is hard to beat."

Jun 2018

"Before I started Pilates I was a regular user of anti-inflammatory medication for lower back pain. This is now a rare occurrence. The knowledge, attention to detail and support of the staff at Stable Base makes each session a pleasure and I am aware of continual improvement in strength and stability over the years I have been using Pilates."

Jun 2018