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Thank you for your 14 years of service supporting the Healthy Lifestyle Program. The program has been operating for 40 years to support older adults to maintain healthy, active lives. Participants regularly praise group leaders for accommodating health issues and supporting newcomers to settle into a new social network. I am sure that you would have witnessed and been a part of a range of benefits to participants resulting from your teaching and guidance in your specialty area of aqua exercise, gentle pace. I thank you for your reliability and note that you have also provided mentorship to some of our less experienced aqua leaders as part of your involvement with Healthy Lifestyle.

Joel Penson, Manager, Healthy Lifestyle
Jul 2018

Angela was one of my star Group Fitness Instructors. Angela is such a talented, loyal, dependable and popular Instructor. She teaches a wide range of exercise programs and relates and shares her passion with a variety of age groups. Angela frequently received both verbal and written positive feedback and what stood out from the members comments was her energy, the way she responded and communicated to her class members, her professionalism and her kindness of making sure her members felt like they were part of a very special experience. She definitely made a difference. Angela would be an asset to any employer and I wholeheartedly recommend her for any endeavour she chooses to pursue.

Rebecca McGregor, Fitness Coordinator, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
Jul 2018

As the new Group Fitness Coordinator at The Fitness Edge, I have had the pleasure of working with Angela for only 6 months. In that time I have been greatly impressed by Angela’s dedication to her class participants, this gym, and continued education in the fitness industry. Angela is fondly known as “The Energizer Bunny” and is an incredibly experienced industry professional. She has a gift for keeping participants both informed and entertained with excellent “WHY”-focused teaching and a vibrant personality. Angela knows the participants in her classes (Aqua, Cycle, Shape Step ‘n’ Burn, Power, Boxing) by name and is invested in creating safe, fun, effective fitness experiences for her class

Jenny Wilson, Group Fitness Coordinator, The Fitness Edge
Jul 2018

I have been attending classes that Ange is the instructor for a few years now and always enjoy them. They are never boring; she regularly changes routines, has great enthusiasm and motivation and also provides great tips on how to get the most out of exercising. Always have fun and a laugh.

Colleen, CLIENT
Jul 2018