We don't require cec or pdp

We absolutely believe in ongoing learning. 

What we don't believe in, is antiquated points systems.

To be fair, CECs were once very useful, but things have changed. Not only has the internet exposed us to more learning opportunities, but it's also broadened our circle of influence. We're not just influenced by those in our neighbourhood, we're influenced by experts from all over the world.

We also know that the challenge and cost of accumulating points has seen many professionals abandon the industry - especially those doing only a handful of sessions a week. They wanted to be registered and accountable, but traditional registration is simply too costly. 

Ultimately, CECs are not a legal requirement and they are not required to get insurance. They are simply someone else's business model.

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As an EMPLOYER, how do I ensure ongoing development?

FITREC has introduced a rating for registered professionals that takes into account three key areas; Education, Experience and References. Each element is rated out of 100 and is visible on every registered professional’s profile.

The solution is to require your registered professionals maintain a perfect 100/100 for Education. 

  • Education scores depreciate over time, so a score of 100 does not stay at 100 without adding further learning. 
  • FITREC also gives employers the ability to subscribe to a FITREC profile to receive email notifications if the Education score falls below 100.

Other benefits include...

  • Certificates and qualifications for courses are included on every professional's profile.
  • Employers can subscribe to profiles of FITREC professionals to be notified of a range of different updates.
  • FITREC recognises a wider variety of courses, making it easier for professionals to pursue their focus, rather than points.
  • It is less costly for staff to maintain a 100/100 rating than it is to maintain the traditional CEC/PDP accumulation.

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