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Marietta Mehanni, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

MSwing uses a single dumbbell to provide a fun, challenging and effective workout using natural, flowing movements that arc, sweep and flow through space.    Read more

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Angela Herden

Ryde, NSW

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My Review  (11/09/2018)

Marietta's courses are always good but adding Mark to the mix was absolutely buzzing!!

Rosanne Kemp

Jane Brook, WA

My Review  (15/03/2018)

Really enjoyed the Mswing training course it’s a fantastic functional workout that uses so many muscles, strength, coordination and core. Challenging cardio routine that also works the brain, I loved it amazing what you can do with one little dumbbell.

Ingrid Roman

Perth, WA

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My Review  (07/04/2018)

I became aware of Mswing after attending a session at FILEX 2017. I was impressed and decided to do the course later that year. The presenters Marietta and Mark explained topics in detail, using visual aids, questions and practical activities to enhance our understanding. It's a great workout using only a dumbbell that you could utilise on it's own and/or include it as part of your current GF classes . I believe the presenters are now offering this course online as well.

Jo Bransby

Brighton East, VIC

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Paula Nitschke


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